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New single inspired by this photograph of my friend Paul back during a really super happy time in my life.
Life is great now, don’t get me wrong but my life at the time of this photograph was about as close as I was ever going to get to being my own version of Jack Kerouac.
Memories of dancing in Paul and Rosie’s Lombard, IL apartment kitchen to Jonathan Richman’s “Modern Lovers 88” record singing “I love hot nights”.
Memories of messing with rock journalists.
Memories of all of the people that were hanging out.

The chorus of the song is:
“a million miles an hour is where it’s at. is this that, that is or is it that.”

I’m not a nostalgic kind of guy but sometimes you need to remember the super, super happiest of times to shake you and spin you back in the right direction. They were the happiest for a reason.

You can hear the song here:


and here:


Forgotten to the core

Forgotten to the core online_NEW

New single
called “Forgotten to the core”

The song is about a dream I had about the comedian Bill Hicks mixed with some contemplation about God and how human beings screw everything up.

I think.

Bill Hicks was great.
Oh, that’s the great Tommy Leather on the cover of this thing.
You can listen/download here.

and here


Requiem for a pant shitter

Requiem for a pant shitter web_0001_NEW

The new, new, newest in new.
The songs are deciding things for themselves.
I’ve had the title for a long time now but it has only made sense to me as of late.
The only decision I had to make for this release was whether it should be “pant” or “pants”.
I thought about flipping a coin to decide and ended up not even doing that.
I guess I didn’t make that decision either.
You can listen to and / or download (for free) here.
and here


Undercover online_NEW

A new digital single for what one of my heroes, Daniel Higgs, called (I’m paraphrasing here)
future ghost people.
A song/recording that came really quick so I’m getting it out there quick.
You can hear it here.

Free MP3s on Last.fm

Warm Vomit From The Sun

warm vomit_0001_NEW
I’ve made a new thing.
A full length solo recording.
I’m going to start keeping public records of things I create here because the last record I made in the fall of 2013 –
an e.p. called “I guess it’s a shame that I do this in spite of you” –
seems to have gotten lost in the mail.


The intent of this post is a public declaration of the EXISTENCE of Warm Vomit From The Sun by Eric Kmiec.

It was a fun and easy record to write and perform but frustrating at times to record because of my current recording situation. Three of the tracks, the ones with acoustic guitar, are the actual moments of creation. I didn’t feel the need to make a “better” version. I just puke em’ out, 9:30 in the morning with a cup of coffee style, before they fly away and I forget how they go.
You can listen to it here  http://www.last.fm/music/eric+kmiec/Warm+vomit+from+the+sun



Some of my favorite records are not records.
They are documents and reminders of great music experiences at a party in a living room or a basement.
Champaign, Illinois.
Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Iowa City, Iowa.
Detroit, St.Louis, Indianapolis, Louisville, Milwaukee and DeKalb.
I’ve got crates of this stuff.
Superhero Forehead
Orange Whip
Pregnant Cheerleaders
Manic Zamboni
E=MC Hammer
The Metroids
Gnome Exit
and on and on and on and on.
It’s all treasure.

Gratitude, dude.

My latest recording, “Eric Kmiec presents Eric Kmiec”, is reviewed in this months (August 2013) illinois entertainer. You can read it here.


I.E. has always been very good to me and I appreciate everything they do for small/obscure/local artists and bands like myself. I am very truly grateful.

I am admittedly bad/lazy about promoting my music and art. This is partly because I seem to be good at attracting the people, places and things (you know, nouns) that I am comfortable sharing my art and music with and partly because I dread the business end of things. In other words I love writing, performing, recording, producing, designing and collaborating but I hate selling. That’s six loves and one hate for anyone keeping score and to have six loves is something to be absolutely grateful for.

I’ve joked a lot lately that I feel like I have lived five different lives in my 42 years on earth. It’s because I never need to look far for my next set of circumstances. Some people move half way around the world seeking the next step in their lives but I only need to walk down the block and around the corner (the side streets are very interesting) to find my next thing complete with the necessary tools and people to work with. It’s almost like its all just sitting there waiting for me. Now that I’m (hopefully) half way through he neighborhood I see why I feel like I have lived five lives. I have never stopped and looked back or reflected.

I just ask “what’s next?”

As videos of bands I was in fifteen and twenty years ago start to appear on the Internet and I realize I am now twice as old as the me in the video I start to question who I am and how I got here and do I even know the me in the video (no, I don’t think I do)? I am not nostalgic. Nostalgia seems to be big now. Actually it always has been and that’s why it’s full of has-beens.


But I suddenly feel the need to connect the dots.

I am grateful for my former bands and band mates.
Even if some of those bands might not have ended well.
Each project, big or little, and the ones that never grew wings, were all a step towards today.

Links to the present and the past (bios and free downloads)


You can’t always get what you want . . .

Life is obviously 99.9% right place at the right time. We would all be dead if it wasn’t.

Went to a party last Saturday night, got some free plants . . .

ImageThank you Zac and Sam for inviting us to such a great party and for the free shade loving plants. They fit perfectly! 

I planted all of the new plants the next day and had all kinds of conversations with passers by. A man and his elderly mother stopped their car and told me that it looks better and better everyday. Ten minutes later a car of teenagers called me a faggot, I presume because I was gardening. I waved and said a thank you. For the millionth time, I am not afraid of words. The best conversation was with a drunken electrician that was working at my neighbors house. He complained that cars never seem to stop at the stop sign in front of my house and then he got into his van with a full beer and drove away. Ahh Batavia! Action packed as usual.

Thank God I’m not a prophet! You know what “they” do to prophets.

This is a re-post from the old Strawberry Horsecake myspace blog that I totally forgot existed. It was written back when all that end of the world garbage was going on. All of this really did happen though so it lets you know how I process everyday experience. . . sometimes. I’m only this way because life can be tedious and I feel we waste a lot of time worrying about other peoples stupid impositions (usually involving money, which will someday be worthless thanks to Richard Nixon).
It makes me think about all of the shysters that wrote the numerous 2012/END OF THE WORLD books and are now vacationing on some distant tropical island never to be seen again God bless em’. Must be nice.
This was originally published on myspace back on March 14th of 2010.

A couple of years ago I took a shit that was shaped like a perfect number two (it looked like this   2    ). I thought that this was great because it was a number and it described itself. I wouldn’t have thought twice about it if it wasn’t an absolutley perfect number 2 but since it was – I did – and that’s why I’m writing about it today. About a month and a half ago I took a shit that was shaped like a perfect letter O. This past friday morning I took a shit that was shaped like a perfect letter L. My brother – in – law, Robert,  suggested that I wait for the D. 2OLD, get it, but I understood it to be something else as I flushed the letter L down the toilet. The letter O was really the number zero (0) (it is shit after all how “perfect” can it be) and the letter L is the 12th in the alphabet. 2, 0, and L = 12 . . . 2012!!! I put it all together as I watched my letter L that was made of one whole piece of shit go down the toilet and that is THE SHIT’s GOING DOWN IN 2012!!!!

As George Carlin (one of my greatest heros) once said. “We’re circling the drain”.